Divadelný súbor Hviezdoslav a jeho tvorba v poslednom desaťročí

Eva Kušnírová


The Theatre Company Hviezdoslav in the city of Spisska Nova Ves is one of the oldest amateur theatre companies in Slovakia. At the field of the community theatre, it works more than eighty years. The company was established in 1932. With its performance activities it contributed to the development of the theatre culture of the Spis region. In the presented paper, we focus our attention on performance practice and artists activities of the Theatre Company Hviezdoslav during last decade, or more precisely in the period from 2002 to 2007. In this period we focus more closely on staging, theatrical production, director’s concept, jury appraisal of theatre festivals and received awards.


community theatre; theatre company; Theatre Company Hviezdoslav; theatre culture; director’s concept; theatrical production

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