Ján Albrecht Ján Albrecht – estetická dimenzia všestrannej umeleckej a pedagogickej osobnosti

Slávka Kopčáková


In the presented paper attention is drawn to the so-far under-appreciated art history and aesthetic orientation of a multidimensional personality. Jan Albrecht (1919-1996) embodies a ”personal unity“ in which a performing musician, musicologist, aesthetician, renowned university teacher and musical impresario all came together. He was one of those personalities that formed future generations of artists, teachers and theoreticians in the second half of the 20th century. With his personal imprint, Albrecht shaped post-war musical culture in Slovakia. His theoretical legacy represents a very interesting yet so-far not sufficiently researched chapter of the history of aesthetic reflection on art issues or the history of music aesthetics in Slovakia. As a music aesthetician, Jan Albrecht was in the background for a long time; for that reason, our aim is mainly to point out the aesthetic dimension of his personality and also partially analyse its results.


Jan Albrecht; artist; pedagogue; aesthetician; style in music; reflective functional value

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