Fráza, repetícia, apatia: vybrané manifestácie „banálneho“ v umení

Jana Migašová


Banality could be perceived as an expressive aesthetic category appealing via visual artwork. The effect of banality emerges as an intention in various artistic realisations of the 20th century visual culture. Basis of the paper is assumption that concept of the banality in modernity acquired contents related to everyday life and mass culture phenomenon. Aim of the paper is comparison of various attitudes to the concept of banality and differentiation of participation forms of banality in modern and postmodern artistic expression. Interpretation of banality is carried out on the basis of significant conceptions in the fields of art criticism, art theory and aesthetics.


banality; aesthetic category; category of expression; phrase mongering; everydayness; repetition; visual art; conceptualism; New figuration; low art

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