A Study of Korean Aesthetic Consciousness in New - Media Art

Yeonsook Park


Korean Naturalism focuses on inner discipline by taking nature as a criterion. In this context, at the core of Korean aesthetic consciousness are inner virtues beyond superficial beauty. It may be too radical to apply Korean Naturalism to the current practice of new-media art. Nevertheless, some contemporary artists who attempt to bring back Korean tradition from a new perspective experiment with Korean Naturalism. In this study, I consider the method and concept those artists pursue as evolved Naturalism with new media and a new zeitgeist. When a classic Korean painting transforms into a moving image, it is possible to experience an inward immersion and contemplation through the calm instilled in dynamism. In addition, through the installation art that intentionally composes a blank space, visitors can viscerally experience the space and unconsciously fill it with their narratives. The present-day artist's task is to correctly interpret the message contained in the tradition, rather than imitate the appearance of traditional art without the spirit. The artist should inculcate this attitude to accomplish historical continuity, which is an essential element for experimenting with conventional Korean artworks and aesthetic consciousness. 


Evolved Korean Naturalism; New-Media Art; Calmness in Dynamism; Historical Continuity; Natural Immersion

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