Urban Technologies – The New Everydayness: A Reply to Lehtinen

Sandra Zákutná


This short paper is a reply to Sanna Lehtinen’s article Living with Urban Everyday Technologies whose aim is to introduce the complexity of the problem of everyday technologies in contemporary aesthetics. Thanks to most recent information, computing, and communication technologies, urban technologies have indeed become an indispensable part of human living standards. In connection with Lehtinen’s primary interest in visible technologies with invisible effects, my reply appeals to W. Welsch’s use of the term anaesthetics, which refers to the absence of the ability to feel, as a parallel to this group of technologies. The reply also emphasises that it is necessary to study urban technologies together with a focus on human privacy, social justice, and human wellbeing and that everyday aesthetics has to be ready to reflect on the extremely fast development of these technologies.


Urban Technologies; Everyday Aesthetics; Everydayness

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