A Scribble or The Art? New Diletantisms as a Source of Tired Audience

Lenka Lee


Education and the support for creativity are some of the functions of the new medias. The users utilize a lot of e-tools to create products with varying art quality. Because of this new ability to create they, fallaciously, consider themselves – from their new positions of becoming artists -  having also become art critics but they fail to understand the complexity of creative process. We intend to exemplify with the art of the American painter Cy Twombly, that some works of art which seem to be easy to copy and therefore not worth enough are in fact a result of the author´s erudition, talent, diligence and clear intention. Twombly´s works are connected with topics such as sigh, ability to decipher, Apollonian and Dionysian principles and the dichotomy Eros/Thanatos. We will present the artist's original non-copiable way of taking inspiration from classical mytological stories and some interpretative approaches (Barthes, Bird, Serra).


Cy Twombly;tired audience;sign;scribble;Roland Barthes

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