Náčrt dejín barokovej školskej hry Spoločnosti Ježišovej v Prešove I.

Lukáš Kopas


The aim of the author's paper is the issue of the history of Jesuit school theatre, that was developing during the years 1673 to 1773 in the highly protestant environment in the one of the most important reformation centres in Upper Hungary, namely in the independent royal city Prešov. The paper is focus on the history of Jesuit school play in Prešov in background history of Lutheran college in Prešov, that mostly in its first historical stage (1666-1711) reflected stormy struggle between Hungarian Habsburg absolutism and the estates company, that is mainly the struggle between catholic and protestant church. Immanent part of the paper is differentiation of one hundred and twenty Jesuit school plays according to individual periods of development of baroque – dramatic theatre production of Jesuits in the city of Prešov and its characterization along the lines of historical records of Jesuit chroniclers as well.


School play; Humanism and Renaissance; Reformation; Baroque; Recatolization; Jesuits; Educational system; College

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