Santayana a avantgarda

Lenka Bandurová


The paper reveals view point of G. Santayana on avant-garde, which has been created at the same time as his philosophical and aesthetic conceptions came into existence. Although he was poet and many papers devoted to studying of poetry he has been interested in all kinds of art. When creating his own philosophical-aesthetic conception he paid attention to Ancient art – especially Greek art. However, he was able to make contribution to contemporary art as well. His opinion was interesting as usually, full of unanswered questions, but at the same time he offered answers, which has an impact on contemporary art, aesthetics, and theory of art. He tried to apply the theory of poetic of work of art on a visual work of art, especially works of avant-garde. He made anattempt to explain the avant-garde works of art according to language of poetry. At the same time he offered opinion on avant-garde as a movement.


avant-garde; art; theory of art; aesthetics; poetry; language of poetry; complexity; fragmentariness; society; politics

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